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Tsingtao, or Qingdao, is a city in northeastern China, across the Yellow Sea from the Korean Peninsula.

Under cover of the bombardment and the darkness, Japanese engineers dug a 300-meter sap trench, towards the German line.

When Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914, a global war erupted.

Both nations had colonial possessions around the world.

The German army sent all their forces in the far east to defend Tsingtao. The Japanese then sent aircraft to scout the city’s defenses., with the loss of 271 members of the crew.

When it was determined they could not escape the blockade, the Germans removed most of the guns from their ships, adding them to their shore batteries. German troops skirmished with the Japanese north of the peninsula but were slowly pushed back.

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The battle began with a naval blockade on the 27th.

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