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Grind your hand and the air while doing so, loosening the hips. - Take a bath, lay on your back, place your p***y under the warm, running water. Play with your clit, slide your fingers into your p***y. Slide them in and out, it's so much easier when you're wet, so get yourself turned on.

I'll either place my hands underneath my ass, to stabilize myself, especially when the water starts rising or I'll lean back on my elbows and rub my nipples. They control the motion in which you want the water to play with your clit. Your legs will get tired from it as well, and you'll slip a lot. Your body is sort of upside down, that different direction is a different kind of orgasm that's amazing. I like hooking my fingers in, you'll feel a ridge-like, bumpiness on the wall inside your vagina.

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but when i have nothing to do and my parents are at work i will do it for hours.

Use your middle finger and start tickling your labia.

You can shake your hips side to side to create a zigzag motion, or your can roll your hips in a circular motion to create that famously praised circular motion on the clitoris. I usually flex my feet, like standing on your tip toes, it helps me rock into the shower water. Above that there'll be a bump, about the size of a nickel, and I'll stroke that up and down.

Or you can grind on the running water as if it were a poll or a pillow. You can use the handle of a butter knife, a hair brush, a tooth brush. Well when I masturabate I get naked and blanket myself and stuff the blanket between my legs (a big wad) and hump the blanket (naked) I start to sweat a bit and then I stop and look up chicks naked even thou I'm not lez I look throu pics and it's like porn I get sweaty agian then I slowly start touching myself my vagina mainly I rub back and forth on the top of my vagina and stroke it basically the.

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