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So by parity of argument, one might argue that this new chamber is for a similar purpose.But that's the rub: this is speculation, argued speculation and hypothesis to be sure, but still an hypothesis.Douet-d Arcq suggests that it represented a partition of the county of Beauvais, which was granted by Eudes II Comte de Blois to Roger Bishop of Beauvais in exchange for the county of Sancerre in [1013] not long before the appearance of the first comte de Beaumont in the primary sources.Earlier charters dated between 627 and 861 name the pagus Camliacensis, and its main town Chambly, located in the southern part of the future county of Beaumont.Then you will be able to select your availability slots, create photo albums, receive bookings, make new four-legged friends and receive payments via Gudog in exchange for taking care of your new friends.Sign up on Gudog Safe Christmas for your dog Songs of good cheer, Christmas is here!Gudog offers a warm, friendly and personalized service that most traditional dog kennels are lacking.And even better, it won't cost you more than a night in a dog kennel! Create your profile and should it fit with the profile of a Dog sitter on Gudog, we will approve it.

This story, I suspect, regular readers here knew I would be talking about.

Why don’t you make the most of the occasion to...

Continue reading Get your dog ready for winter Dogs, just like people, more or less enjoy certain seasons of the year depending on their activity, fur, breed or even their owner’s mood during each season.

Using muons, scientists seem to have confirmed the existence of yet another chamber in the Great Pyramid: Archaeologists discover mysterious void deep within Great Pyramid of Giza Now, so many people sent this story along this week, with the statement or query that this seems to prove my "weapons hypothesis" for the structure, or asking if it does, so I'm constrained to blog about this issue today.

First, the chamber seems to be a kind of parallel structure to the Grand Gallery, lying above it: The massive cavity stretches for at least 30 metres and lies above the grand gallery, an impressive ascending corridor that connects the Queen’s chamber to the King’s in the heart of the historic monument.

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Indeed, Christmas is upon us all, humans and fluffy friends alike!

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