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Also, in most Slavic countries, as well as other countries including Greece and Iceland, for example, there are different family name forms for male and female members of the family.

Issues of family name arise especially on the passing of a name to a new-born child, on the adoption of a common family name on marriage, on renouncing of a family name and on changing of a family name. Traditionally in many European countries for the past few hundred years, it was the custom or law that a woman would on marriage use the surname of her husband and that children of a man would have the father's surname.

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Ami Kulkarni was operating at the highest levels of the consumer products industry.

But while she was managing the public face of P&G’s global products, she was also busy learning everything she could about skin chemistry and cell biology.

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In most Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries, two or more surnames are commonly used.The one-stop shop nature of the mall may hold some appeal, but anyone who has gone to Kenwood this time of year can tell you it’s not exactly the most pleasant place to be right now.However, just a little southeast of the mall you can find plenty of great shops and services in Madeira.During the later Middle Ages surnames gradually re-emerged, first in the form of bynames (typically indicating individual's occupation or area of residence), which gradually evolved into modern surnames.In China surnames have been the norm since at least the 2nd century BC.

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