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The series formula for the selected series in the chart on Sheet2 references the data on Sheet1.

Learning the lessons from above, let’s copy the two sheets within the workbook.

Nowadays, that is, from Excel 5 onwards, Excel has had workbooks that can contain any number of the different types of sheets.

Charts can reside as standalone sheets within a workbook, but they can also be embedded in other sheets (worksheets, chart sheets, and dialog sheets).

Although you can right-click the sheet navigation buttons at the left of the sheet tabs to display a list of sheets, where you can click a sheet name to select it, we have had requests from many developers to make it easier for their users to select worksheets. Screen Updating = True End With End Sub Private Sub my Sheet() With Command Bars("Worksheet Menu Bar"). When you click a sheet name from that drop-down list, it will take you to that sheet.

Instead of placing a button or embedded combobox on every sheet to produce a drop down list, here is a combobox that is at the top of the sheets, so it is always available, and only visible when the workbook is active.

Activate End With End Sub Step 5 Press Alt Q to return to the worksheets.

You spend a lot of time and effort getting your chart to look just right, and now you want to use your beautiful chart to show similar data on other sheets.

The series formula for the highlighted chart in ‘Chart1 (2)’ shows that the data it references is in ‘Sheet1 (2)’.If you simply copy the chart sheet, the copy will of course refer to the data on the original worksheet.However, if you copy both the worksheet and chart sheet in one operation, Excel is smart enough to link the copy of the chart to the copy of the data.When you copy this chart from one sheet and paste it onto another, why doesn’t it link to the cells on the new sheet?How can you make a copy of this chart that references new data without having to change all of the links yourself? Chart Embedded on Worksheet with its Data When you start with data and a chart on the same worksheet, it looks like this.

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