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Again, if I saw this job as a career, I probably would have been more worried, but instead I chose to just buckle down, do my job to the best of my ability, build a good reputation in the legal community and move up in a couple of years.I knew filing a sexual harassment suit probably wouldn't look good on my record so I decided to just pretend it didn't bother me. I wasn't above using my body to get guys to do things for me so if a few crude comments from the partners came my way, so be it. Then I got assigned the case that would change my life.

Sure we all lacked experience, but apparently the old boys network was still at play.Although I am perfectly capable of swimming in the shark infested waters that is the California legal system, my young beach-bunny looks definitely work against me.Other lawyers simply don't take me as serious as they should.That worked for a long time but for the past decade or so they have struggled to compete with the larger firms.There are two other junior lawyers at the firm, both men, who have been there two years (Jerome) and three years (Fernando).

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I couldn't figure out why they hired me (unless it was because of my looks) until during my first solo case that I found out the only reason they got the business was because a woman would handle it.

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