How to troll on a dating website

There were a few nice messages along the lines of, Over the next few days, I got more messages, mostly from trolls, men old enough to be my father, or sexual deviants.I had made the mistake of clicking on profiles out of curiosity before I understood that that person would get a notification that I did so.She was also the first, last, and only person I ever knew who tried her hand at the dating personals in the newspaper, too.These two facts about my aunt always disturbed me, and because of it I've never seen online dating as anything but an absolute plague on the community, and something to forever avoid. Once, for a couple of months for a work-related story, and another time because my best friend begged me to join. His whole reason for me joining was so I could endorse him with a good review, so I figured I had nothing to lose, because I wasn't looking for anything to gain; I was just simply being forced into something so he could look better to all the hot gay men on OKCupid in New York City.Not exactly what you want to hear from a stranger, but oh well.I was more concerned with the fact that he had time out of his day to legit troll me, as opposed to find love, as I assumed was his reason for being there in the first place.If my friend needed me to convince people that he's great, I'd rather go bar to bar all over the Chelsea neighborhood with spikes shoved under my nails than stay on that dating site a minute longer.

Being beaten down by sexist and hateful remarks by strangers, and I know I'm definitely not the only one this has happened to, shouldn't be the stuff that one should have to jump through to get to the one great guy out there.Since diving into the online dating world over five years ago, I’ve had my share of great experiences.I’m a “glass half-full” kind of guy, so in my previous posts for Coffee Meets Bagel, I’ve tried to focus on the good that has come from my online experience.When asked why I still believe in it by friends, I have a wide selection of examples to draw from – and I’ve shared them with you all too.But recently I got back “on the market,” and reentered this crazy/fun/slightly-exhausting world again.

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