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Al-Akhbar newspaper, which is close to Iranian-backed movement Hezbollah, suggested that Hariri, who holds Saudi nationality, was being held 'hostage' in Riyadh.

Lebanon's President Michel Aoun has yet to formally accept his resignation and insisted Hariri should return to Lebanon but did not elaborate on the premier's current situation in Riyadh.

Aoun, who is politically allied with Hezbollah, also 'voiced his concern over what is being said' about Hariri's current status in Saudi Arabia and demanded a 'clarification'.

French President Macron made a surprise overnight trip to Saudi Arabia on Thursday-Friday during a Middle East tour that saw him attend the inauguration of the new Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.'The Lebanese situation is the most worrying subject of the moment,' Le Drian added in his interview on Friday morning.

Finally, I hadn’t expected to find a distinguished Lebanese rosé but did in the superb raspberry-coloured Domaine des Tourelles Rosé 2009 (£11.99, imported by Lebanese Fine Wines – see lebanesefinewines.com).

By the end of the week, my companion and I were fighting not to sit in the front passenger seat. “Lebanon is less a country and more a collection of tribes,” as one local puts it. If you live here you have to do everything yourself. “At the end of the war, in 1991, there were five wineries in Lebanon – Château Musar, Ksara, Kefraya, Domaine des Tourelles and Nakad,” Karam says. Today there are just over 30.” It hasn’t been easy producing wine when the harvest is threatened by artillery fire and Israeli aerial attacks, as it was during the 34 day Israeli-Hizbollah War in summer 2006.

But the long-established winery isn’t remotely representative of what’s going on in Lebanon when it comes to wine.

This is an exhilarating country to visit, not just because of the politics or even the frankly terrifying driving that goes on among the bullet-holed concrete blocks of Beirut and the Biblical landscape that lies beyond it.

Easier, but only just, to lay your hands on are the wines from Château Kefraya.

Try Château Kefraya Rouge 2006 (£17.50, or its Brighton shop), a blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon, mourvedre and carignan, or the lighter, brighter Les Breteches du Château Kefraya 2006 (£11.95, Roberson in Kensington).

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“No one in their right minds uses the health system, the roads are appalling, I pay for state electricity and have to have a generator. They have no state support at all and yet they make what is arguably our best-known export.” No surprise then that nobody can even tell you how much land there is here under vine, let alone how much wine is made here. Some of those who have been around longer talk about the impossibility of functioning during the 1975 Civil War.

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