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She was no longer alone; in fact, shed never been alone The Good Shepherd made himself known in spirit and stood at the door, with strength and fierce love; there to protect Elizabeth, one of his sheep.Tonia loved going home after work; at least, she used to.It was the dead of winter and her job as secretary to the local newspaper had ended just two weeks ago. A male employee was acting peculiar around her, so she marched into the editors office weeks ago and resigned her post.Why was it that most of her adult life she knew that something like this would eventually happen? She didnt think so; but then again, people acted so strange these days Faintly, she heard the downstairs door open and later footsteps on the staircase. The miracle she had been praying for happened and the beautiful thing about it was that the miracle was right inside the room with her and had been there from the very beginning...So much had changed in America, especially when Comrade Hilton took charge in 2020.America was not the same and homes were not homes anymorethey were dwellings, used only to keep out the unwanted. New guidelines were being enforced at work, and that left little time for individual thinking and recreation.The government had their hand in everything and it seemed like it was just getting worse.As she approached the driveway, her home on 7230 Pleasant Valley looked peaceful but everyone knew these days that looks could be deceiving.

Got an uncle like that and he cant leave anything alone!

Steve had been a close friend and there were rumors that she and Steve would be married around Christmas of that year. At least thats what her grandmother told her one clear October day. As she rounded the corner, her anticipation mounted.

Now, in the autumn of 2005, still single and now retired, she often thought of Steve and how he was doing. She opened the store door, walked in and immediately spotted Steve.

His being blind didnt matter at all to Sheila; for they were saying hello instead of bon voyage. Why didnt she heed her neighbors warning about the man who just moved into the neighborhood two weeks ago?

Miranda mentioned in a conversation with her that she thought the new man on the block was acting odd at night.

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