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Unsurprisingly, this seemingly random death of a significant character outraged fans of the series.The writers chose to kill off an important female character for the sole purpose of giving Peter Parker a more complex and interesting story arc.Or how about all of these women from Heroes who were depicted as losing or being unable to control their powers.In video games such as God of War 1, Splinter Cell, and Fable 2 the narrative revolves around a man seeking revenge the death of female family members. Writers are using the Women in Refrigeratorstrope to literally trade the female characters life for the benefit of a male hero’s story arc.This criticism happens whenever we point out tropes specifically about women.

The highly sexualized images of Brown being tortured spanned across multiple issues, some fans were so outraged by this fridging of Batgirl, that they refer to this as torture porn.Spiderman’s first love, Gwen Stacy was thrown off a building by the Green Goblin back in 1973.Despite Spidie swooping in and heroically catching her before she hits the ground, she still died either from whiplash or from shock.She called this reoccurring pattern Women in Refrigerators, for obvious reasons.Since it was originally created the list has continued to grow, I’m just gonna show you just a few examples.

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It is saddening to see how flippantly and trivially violence against women is treated in comic book pages (even with the most powerful of female superheroes) especially when violence against women in the real world are at epidemic levels.

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