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but it passes trhough a lot of machines in internet to reach the desitnation.. but than whats the urge to go for something thats virtual....

if the PC is well secured and u ppl are not into any other foolish activities as recording and saving images..... w8 for the right time and till than wnjoy the fct that ur in love and so she is with u all the best god bless u See the chat happens between you two.

To avoid it, install a good quality anitvirus and internet security software and keep it updated.

If you do that, no problem will happen, happy love Hi mam, me and my gf are in separate cities now and we have online sex through cam and audio mediums.

Top Chats, x Judge, and many other websites have had only great things to say about our live sex site.

means two IP addresses, the data does gets transferred at only these 2 points.

It can go to anyone else only if some hacker intercepts ur data online, or spoof(fake) ur ip address which is possible.

At any point if somebody else is going to come across it then u are done for..between u both of u will not posting it on internet, but for someobdy else it can be simply fun.

And remember its not you two alone that has access to the this video..

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