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Like for instance, a nickname his ex-girlfriend used to call him with. My boyfriend’s name is Coda so I call him ‘Coda-bear’ or ‘My Coda-bear’ or ‘My Love’. I call him Lovey, Bear and Zachy Beary, Handsome, Hubby and Hun all the time. I don’t think he minds some of them being “girly” because he knows I’m being affectionate. My boyfriend’s name is Nick and I call him ‘Nikola’ and he calls me ‘Angel’. My recent boyfriend calls me kitten, temptress, succubus (a mythical creature that lures men in their dreams), enchantress, chipmunk and little one (because I am younger then him). It came from him making fun of me playfully one night and my response to something he had said was “well ok Dingus have it your way”, and I jumped on him tackling him to the ground tickling him. We are truely in love and blessed to have each other and our perfect affection – Audrey & Izmaell! My partner calls me Cat, my first initials of my name if we were to be married now, or nickname of Catwoman. I think he called me that because I have this crazy & bubbly personality which you can see when we’re with friends. He calls me bae, baby, cutey wootie, short cake because he is like way taller than me and muffins, chocoate bunnni, he got that from the hunni bunni.

So if you find that your guy is not reacting positively to that word you used, use some other name instead. It’s very cute and he used to call me “baby zoozoo”. He really liked it so may be your boyfriends might like it too. I call him Cowboy or my Cowboy (he rides/owns tons of horses) or my prince. But of course we use the common nicknames like babe or baby or hun. Muscles or your protector or something to deal with being strong and protected. Actually, we can usually tell when we’re mad at each other if we don’t call each other by our nicknames x D. My boyfriend’s name is Jeremy and I couldn’t think of any good nicknames. He’s realy tall and cute and I was thinking of ‘Bam Bam’ and he would me ‘Pebbles’ or ‘Jane’ and ‘Tarzan’. I was thinking of video games like ‘Princess Peach’ and ‘Mario’. It makes me feel really special because I have never been called angel by anyone other than him. He really likes it because I guess it just makes him feel like I need him. So how I sorted it out was, I wrote down our names in Spanish and it’s Dianita Y Juanito. Hi, my boyfriend’s name is Edward so I call him ‘huggie baby bear’ because I hug him everyday like a bear. And I call him ‘Jellybean’, because he absolutely loves jellybeans. He calls me Puffin and I call him Jellybean all the time in public. My boyfriend calls me Bae, Baby, Babe, Lovey bae and I call him Buzzy, Snookie Bear, key (because his name is Keaun), and Tiger. I have been struggling for a unique nickname for him but I call him ‘Bubba’ or ‘Baby Boy’. I call my husband ‘Amore’ because he is Italian and he calls me Passion or Passionate. I call him señor (mr.), Charles (emphasizing on the ah), and Señor Charles Cup ( my friend and I randomly came up with it one day). Me and my boyfriend like the Twilight films so we call each other Bella and Edward, it’s such fun. It’s not real original but he started calling me ‘hunny bunny’ one day and I wanted to call him something cute like that too so I started calling him my Teddy bear:). He also calls me lover girl, princess, hot tamaley, mostly just short cake or bae or cutey wootie. I call my boyfriend ‘Pooh Bear’ of winnie the pooh, because the 1st gift he gave me was a winnie, and so I call him pooh bear and cuddle the toy.

The fact that he calls you ‘babe’, instead of some short form of your original name, gives you the incentive to call him ‘cute names’ not necessarily a modification of his original name.

Her trailer had a landline phone that she never used because she didn’t have the number and assumed it wasn’t a working machine.

“It rang one day and I picked it up and it was Donald Trump,” Thompson said. — was on the other end of the phone going, ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here,’ and I thought someone was having a laugh.

She started it after I showed her the Youtube video and I cant get rid of it… I call my bf ‘My Smilemaker’ cause he brings out my real and bestest smile every single day! I call him the same except for diamond, princess and angel.

I also call him agapi-mou, which is Greek for my love, but also Handsome, geek, my beautiful nerd (haha), and Knight, Rocky-baby (his name with baby on the end 😉 and Romeo sometimes too.

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There are plenty of cute nicknames out there, so go for something else. We also have our silly names like ‘sugar lips’ and ‘baby cakes’. But we are both Japanese-culture fanatics so he calls me ‘hime’ (which means ‘princess’ in Japanese) and so I call him ‘hoshi’ (meaning ‘prince’ in the smiliar language). Well my boyfriends name is Vicente and so I call him vinny. And it was hard to find a nick name for him but after a week of pondering through my thoughts I decided to all him Nikola! I always call my boyfriend ‘Honeybear’ or ‘Big Poppa’ or ‘Sungglebug’ or the usual Babe, Baby, Sweetheart. I love it when he uses my name instead of a nickname cause it makes me feel just as special and that I am the only girl’s name he says, kind of thing. I call my special guy Lovey, Honey, Hun, Sweetums, Babycakes, Love, Angel, Darling, and well, his name is Tim so I often call him Timmy or sometimes even just “T”. I also totally agree with the cartoon thing as well. I know I hang out with my Sonic more now that I started calling him that! For me and my boyfriend, we started out as calling each other our names. So, I took the first 3 letters out and it came to be ‘Nita’ & ‘Nito’. I had to really brainstorm it out and surprisingly it really fits for the both of us. I think he likes it because when I leave he texts me right away and says “I miss you”. We commonly disgust everyone around us with our disgustingly cute relationship. My boyfriend calls me ‘Pebbles’ and I call him ‘Bam-Bam’ (The Flinstones). He sometimes calls me bub, baby, babe, cutie and his supergirl. He fell in love with Tiger so I mainly call him that. We have been together for four years and married for 3 years and I love my Amore. Me and my boyfriend call each other Baby, Babe, Sweetheart, Babycakes, Booboo or Boobear. We’re really mushy when it comes to e-mailing each other. It makes us feel like them and that we will be together for a long time like Edward and Bella. we also call eachother the usuall boyfriend, girlfriend things such as baby, babe, sweetie, cutie, sexy, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful etc. And I mostly call him snuggle bud, love muffin or pooh bear. At times when we fight, and I have to make him up, I call him Pigtail, cause he behaves like one, always bent, and no matter how much you try it won’t straighten itself!

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