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However you can create a ticket, and attached the zip output from the support tool. I've tried three different games on differing sizes, and I'm trying to find individual things that may cause a freeze.

My tiny map will freeze every time I try loading it now.

You might want to check the information in this thread: to verify that your display drivers are up to date.

I have the same symptoms, since going to Beta 2 [.50].

In addition to the above, you submit a crash report to the DOOM Crash Logs forum by locating your log in C:\Users\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base (by default) and posting it here. Note that the DOOM Crash Logs forum is for data collection only and that you might not receive a response for your individual issue.

Is anyone else experience game freezes on the main map? When this happens, the only option is to CTRL-ALT-DEL and end the application in Task Manager.

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I will wait for Beta 2 patch 1 and see if there is then an improvement.I have tried playing a small map, but after 78 turns and more than 100 hangs i finally gave up.During the previous Beta the game was rock-stable on my machine, except for identifiable bugs (and crashes). Music still plays, and I can even click buttons if I know where they are in the UI, though no windows pop up.I can then reload the last save game and play several (sometimes a couple dozen) turns until the next freeze--no pattern to the freezes I can point to yet. I don't know what, if any, files support could use.

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